Complete Transformation From the Inside Out!

Felicia Lauer

Learn mindset tools you won’t find anywhere else in the THMosphere!

My mission: helping women heal their mindset and bodies to thrive with abundant health and a vibrant permanent lifestyle.

We all think it, “This could never happen to me. You don’t understand my struggles. I couldn’t keep the weight off. Are you sure this is real?”

I’m here to tell you, transformation CAN be yours! 180 pounds of my transformation shows in the pictures below.

This is for regular women, living on a budget, yes I mean YOU. You can transform your life, from the inside out and live a life of health, energy, and feeling comfortable in your own skin!

Are you ready?

get ready to change!

See what two of the biggest things holding women back from achieving their goals are in my FREE Video training and Workbook!
I want this!

Celebrate a New Mindset


Are your thoughts and mindset derailing your healing and weight loss?
Are you:
  • feeling stuck in your health & weight loss
  • tired of the mind games & emotional eating
  • ready to make changes & see permanent transformation?
As a trained experienced life coach I can give you:
  • clear cut guidance on how to change your lifestyle
  • the mindset tools you won’t find anywhere else
  • the step by step methods that changed my life forever
  • a vibrant community of women succeeding alongside you
celebrate your change

My Transformation!

I don’t rest in the past, girls.

I am constantly prioritizing my own personal growth. As your coach, I will dedicate myself to always bring you the best of the best, so I’m currently enrolled in the best life coaching school in the world!


What I Offer


1-on-1 Coaching

Are you ready to hang out just you and me sis?  This is it!  I will give you absolutely everything I’ve got in my power to help you succeed.  

Signature Small Group

My 8 week premium small group course has quickly become my hallmark! These groups sell out VERY quickly so don’t miss out – when they’re gone they’re gone!  I would love to get to know you and be a part of your transformation story.

Group Coaching

My 8-week coaching courses are a popular option with a track record of huge success! We have the most amazing community of women and you are invited to join in and see transformation happen before your eyes!

Client Success Stories


Sheri H 8 Week Results

Over the past 8 week I have seen my skin start to glow. I am sleeping better, have more energy. I feel amazing I have learned a lot about myself & how to change my mindset to eat healthy & exercise. Knowing & doing are not equal. I can finally see that healthy girl that lives in this body!


Rebekah H Results

Felicia is truly amazing. I always struggled with my weight, despite trying many diet and exercise programs. Y’all. I was not prepared for everything Coach Felicia brought to the coaching experience. She challenged me, she reminded me of things, she encouraged me, she blew my mind with talks of mindset and *protein*, she celebrated my wins, and she gave me sooo many tools to help me succeed long after the group ended. In short, Coach Felicia changed my life.


Helga S 8 Week Results

I joined Felicia’s small group in hopes of breaking a 4 month stall. Felicia is such an encourager yet at the same time she doesn’t accept excuses, which is what I needed. During the 8 weeks I lost over 6 inches and 11 lbs. Felicia taught us to work through our thoughts; being able to work through negative thoughts and come out victorious. She helped us apply it to our lives. She helped us succeed. She empowered us on our journey. I cannot thank God and Felicia enough for these 8 weeks.