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Felicia Lauer about me

Hi! I’m Coach Felicia
The Mindset Master

I have been where you are, I have walked where you’ve walked, had my mindset defeating me:

  • tired of mind games and ‘willpower’
  • overweight
  • on a tight budget
  • health struggles
  • feeling overwhelmed and overwrought

Hey girl hey, I didn’t stay there!

felicia's transformation

My Transformation

Like so many women, I started struggling with body image issues at a very young age.  I started doing low calorie, low-fat diets when I was in middle school.  I managed to stay relatively trim throughout my younger years but I always had to watch what I ate.  Fast forward to my mid-twenties after several health struggles and a back fracture, and I turned 26 years old at 289 pounds.  I remember looking in the mirror that morning and thinking I was going to die fat.
While I was 26, something inside me changed.  I decided I absolutely had to find my way back to health.  I didn’t feel good in my body and I knew my long term health would suffer greatly.  I briefly tried low calorie diets again to no avail.  Then I started my journey of learning about nutrition, and I was blown away to learn that fat is not the culprit and low calorie diets are not the answer!  It was so freeing.  From there I tried paleo, low carb, and keto, and I lost some weight, but in my heart I knew there must be a way to be healthy without cutting out whole food groups.

Change of Mindset

When I found THM, it was like coming home.  As I eagerly turned the pages in the Plan Book, I knew I had found my forever lifestyle and I knew I could lose the weight and never struggle with it again.  My weight loss picked up significantly when I cut out all sugars and started separating my fuels.  I couldn’t believe I had found something so delicious and satisfying that allowed me to lose weight and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!
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However, the biggest changes were happening on the inside.  I started learning more about the process of change and how our brains work (mindset), and to this day I can’t get enough of learning about it!  I realized that for as long as I told myself, “I will always be fat,” that would be my identity and it would be true.  I started the process that has completely changed my whole life and who I am as a woman.

I also started exercising again and found an incredible passion for being strong as well as teaching others about fitness.  If you had told me at age 26 that I would become an avid powerlifter and fitness instructor I would have laughed!  Now there is very little I enjoy more than a heavy barbell or teaching a full Zumba class.  I had always loved to be active when I was younger and thought I had lost it forever.  All my old dreams started to reawaken as I continued the process of change from the inside out.  Now I have so many new dreams I never could have imagined before.  I love showing women how to get active and strong again even if it’s been a long time!

I have now lost a total of over 180 pounds and kept it off for good.  My transformational journey has absolutely exceeded my wildest dreams in every way possible.  It is now my passion and privilege to teach women and families how to completely change their life and health for GOOD.  The secret to lasting change is on the inside, and anybody can do it!  I would love for you to join me on the ride of your life.  I guarantee it is worth it!

get ready to change!

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