The Glow Membership

The coaching you need to lose the weight,

feel better, and rewire your brain

to achieve your goals

What if you could confidently lose the weight,

feel fabulous and stay healthy for life?

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated, knowing your weight is holding you back? Do you know you want to lose the weight but just can’t seem to make it stick?

Are you looking for:

Doable Weight Loss Tools

Daily Support

mindset tools to change your life

Does any of this sound familiar?

Life circumstances seem to get in the way of eating well despite your good intentions?

You do well during the day but nighttime stress, emotional, or binge eating gets you off track?

You start strong with a healthy eating plan but once you make a mistake it feels like you’ve blown it?

If any of this sounds like you, there is hope!  I teach women like you every day how to overcome whatever is holding them back from a healthy weight and freedom in their bodies.

Inside The Glow you will learn how to lose the weight, stop the frustrating cycle, and feel great for life!

Say Good-bye to:

Emotional and stress eating

Yo-yo dieting and mind games

Restrictive diets that don’t work

Poor body image and shame

Old negative thoughts on replay

Say Hello to:


More energy and feeling better

Sustainable and effective weight loss

Feeling confident in your own skin

Peace around your relationship with food

Easily making healthy choices

What Others Are Saying

Linda's picture transformation

Linda S.

35 pounds lost

When I met Felicia, her coaching changed my entire life. I will be forever grateful that she stepped into her calling and shared her knowledge with others. I knew the plan, but I couldn't make it stick. Then I went through her coaching and understood and got a revelation on mindset . It rocked my world. I am not the same person I was before I met and started coaching with Felicia. I started coaching with her in September and I am down 35 pounds so far. My mind is in such a different place that I have total confidence that I will reach my goal and maintain it for the rest of my life. These kind of changes are not temporary, They are life changing. I am not just 35 pounds lighter I am a different person inside and out.

Stephanie's picture transformation

Stephanie S.

24 pounds lost

I signed up for Felicia’s group coaching desperately looking for motivation and accountability. I was at my heaviest weight ever. I found that, but I also found a team of ladies who poured their knowledge into every single participant in the group and encouraged lots of different healthy habits. I learned more about the THM plan, worked on my thoughts, and changed my all or nothing attitude toward a healthy lifestyle. I committed daily to doing the work for the first 8 weeks. I lost body aches, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and 24 pounds and 14 inches off my body. I also gained a new perspective on how to continue this lifestyle. For the first time I feel confident that I can keep the weight off.

Girl, I am JUST like you. 

I turned 26 years old weighing 289 pounds and I thought I would be fat for life.

I had tried diets but always failed and then beat myself up about it.

I thought there was something wrong with me and I just couldn’t ever be a healthy weight again.

I wanted so badly just to be comfortable in my body.

EASILY maintaining a healthy weight was beyond my wildest dreams.

When I learned the work that I will teach you inside The Glow, everything changed.

I am still human just like you but I get to enjoy my life and achieve my goals because I learned how to manage my mind.

I can teach you how, too.

See you inside!

Felicia Lauer and her stuffed animals
  • Curriculum on demand- everything you truly need to know to lose the weight
  • Eating Basics video course
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls on Zoom with replays provided
  • Homework to help you apply each part of the process
  • Menus and guidance on how to eat
  • Daily support and coaching inside the FB community
  • Accountability and encouragement from other members
  • Personalized answers to all your questions

I have designed everything about The Glow to set you up for success.

I will teach you my proven process for weight loss, equip you with the tools you need, and coach you personally as you implement what you learn.

There is truly nothing like The Glow anywhere else in the world.  Most weight loss programs that focus only on what you eat are solving the WRONG problem.

Not only do I teach you how and what to eat, I teach you to overcome WHY you were overweight in the first place.

This is the only way that produces lasting results.

I teach you how to naturally have the habits of a healthy woman.

The mindset tools you will learn from me will also help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals in every area of life.